Alive Magazine featuring Network Spinal Analysis and Dr. Patterson

Nationally published Alive Magazine featuring article on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dr. Shannon Patterson


Alive magazine has featured Dr. Shannon Patterson and her expertise as a Chiropractor and a Yogini! The article on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) helps to address potential causes and how to best treat your specific triggers. Read below for a few excerpts from the article:

What is Chronic Fatigue?
“Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is much more than just tiredness. It saps your creativity, your inner drive, and it squashes your abilities to move forward in your relationships, your career, and your life.”

“‘We can get locked in states of fight, flight, and freeze, often from incidents long in the past, yet our body is responding as though it is occurring now,’ says Dr. Shannon Patterson, a Vancouver-based chiropractor. ‘You can imagine how exhausting this can be.’”

“Patterson addresses CFS with a chiropractic technique called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), which uses gentle contacts along the spine as well as conscious connection of breath and movement. ‘In NSA we use the spine and its fluidity, or lack of fluidity, as an indicator of the amount of fight, flight, or freeze (stress) response in the nervous system,’ says Patterson.”

“Choosing appropriate low-level physical activities is important. Patterson, who is also a yoga instructor, incorporates somatic yoga into her CFS healing strategy. Somatic yoga incorporates a visualization component and involves a very slow movement into and out of postures.”

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