How do you see your blind spots?

I recently started working out with a personal trainer. It’s a first for me. Yes I have exercised in various forms for years but never with a one on one trainer. Call it a dare or a challenge but I was up for it. What I quickly became aware of were my blind spots — those areas in my training that I didn’t realize were missing. This brought an entirely new level of awareness for me. And a new challenge to rise to.

Something new and powerful is available to us all when we work with a coach, trainer, healer, teacher or wise friend. These connections allow us to see our blind spots. We can not see our own. We need to interact with others to see them (blind spots that is). Who helps you see your blind spots – physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?

Our spine is frequently a big blind spot for us. It has been said that “what goes to the back of the mind, goes to the spine”. Why not bring this blind spot to light and discover what else is possible.



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