What is your body telling you?

How often do you stop and ask yourself that question? How often do you stop and listen to your own answers?

As I hear horns honking and cars racing down West Broadway Avenue I can’t help but feel we rarely take the time to do so. What are we missing as we rush and hurry through our days, months and years? How is that impacting your health and well being? How is that impacting your ability to connect to those you love? Do you stop to smell the flowers or are you too busy  to smell their sweetness? What symptoms might show up if we become accustomed to living life at that pace?

What could your high blood pressure be telling you? Would it be an appropriate response for your heart rate to speed up and blood pressure to increase if you are running on a perpetual treadmill? A teacher of mine once said that we usually know our own answers (in time) and often the answers are just outside what is comfortable or customary for our lives.

Why not stop and listen for a change. With a kind curiosity you might be surprised at what you see, smell, and feel. It might lead you down a path you never noticed before.

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