How do you “DO” stress?

Have you ever actually noticed how your body does stress? How does it react? Do you notice your concentration dwindles? Do you feel checked out and disconnected? From yourself? From others?

Anything that is too much in the moment for our body to process is stressful.  That may be a physical stress such as an accident, an injury or repetitive motion (or lack of motion – such as sitting).  It also may be an emotional stress such as a hard day at the office or challenging relationship.

Our bodies first line of defense to stress is to lay down tension.  It is a defense mechanism or a survival mechanism.  We all do this to some degree.  The trick is to notice how quickly we come out of that stress.  Are we reliving it over and over even though the event is long past (sometimes decades past).  Do minor events trigger this old and familiar coping mechanism.  This is a great short term strategy but a terrible long term strategy.  We can get stuck in that state of reactivity — our body learns that reaction and it becomes familiar to us.

When that tension influences spinal muscles it results in spinal misalignment or spinal subluxations.  Our posture distorts to one of protection and defense.  The head comes forward, shoulders tense, hips and pelvis pull out of alignment.  This means there is less energy available for healing and repair.  We are caught in states of fight, flight and freeze physiology.  The frontal lobes of the brain (the part that that is most evolved and takes stock in our situation) checks out.

The focus here at the Adjusting Room is to alter this state…. alter the state of fight, flight and freeze physiology… the state that produced the tension and resulting misalignment of the spine in the first place. The brain can then pay attention to the body more effectively and let go of those underlying stress responses or defense patterns.  Want to know more?  Contact us … you might be surprised what your body is trying to tell you when you are able to listen.

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