What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

You don’t get grapefruit juice. You get orange juice, of course.

Dr. Donald Epstein, my mentor and the developer of NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), once said that an entrainment (or NSA adjustment) is a way to “squeeze you”. Not literally of course but figuratively. In squeezing you, what comes out is what is inside.

What gets squeezed up in you when you are getting adjusted/entrained? Do you find yourself frustrated, bored, confused, tired or angry during your appointments? Perhaps distracted by noise, the person next to you on the table, the music, the face rests, etc? Have you noticed these sorts of feelings?  You are not alone.  Usually what shows up on the table, also shows up in life. Rarely is it a random occurrence. Pay attention and take notice.

By being “squeezed” it is a means to get rid of that which no longer serves you. Clear out the clutter and move past the past. Get rid of the gunk, the garbage, the mud. Squeeze the orange and you get orange juice. What if you could actually get the “juice”, or the lesson, out of the experience as well?

So next time you notice those feelings come up, whether it be frustration, boredom, distraction, anger, remember – what do you get when you squeeze an orange? This might give a new opportunity to kindly observe those feelings and move to something new. Maybe…. just maybe.

Be kindly curious with yourself and notice what shows up.

Dr. Shannon Patterson

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