What Does It Mean to Awaken?

Level 3 of NSA care has also been called the level of Awaken.

The Awaken experience emerges naturally or organically when the anchors of defense posture or defense physiology no longer have a grip on us, our spine and our life. In other words, when the challenges of the past no longer have a grip on us and no longer hold us back from what we are truly passionate about and what we are drawn toward – we move into states of Awaken.  We are no longer moving away from the past or struggling with aspects of our past but rather, the call of our future is so much larger that we move towards the call of our heart and our deepest longings of our heart.

Through the progression of levels of care of NSA we first must move through Discover (Level 1).  We must discover how we hold our body, how we hold back in our body (defense), what we protect ourselves from physically, emotionally and mentally.  These patterns are stored as somatic anchors of defense in the spine.  As that defense pattern looses grip on our spine we develop, in NSA terms, a respiratory wave.  The vertebra of the spine rock through their natural range of motion connected to the flow and ease of our breath.

As we start to move from defense into safety we build energy and strength and a backbone of Transform (Level 2).  We start to propel forwards away from the constraints of our past as we use the energy that held us back in the past towards personal growth.  We start to confront our fears.  We are aware, acknowledge and accept what is and what has been. Inside the source of our suffering is the greatest source of growth.  What we could not be with, what we shut down and what we ignored has a tremendous opportunity for us to grow from.  As this happens in NSA we develop what is called a Somato-Psychic wave.  This wave involves rhythmic movements of specific spinal segments and a type of spinal entrainment that is unique to NSA.  Some have likened it to a Kundalini Energy.

As the power of Transform builds we move into Awaken (Level 3).  We start to follow the call of our heart.  As we feel this deepened connection to ourselves and our heart we also feel a deeper connection to others as we sense we are connected to a much bigger “whole” than ourselves.  We feel the interconnection of all things and the serendipitous flow of events that previously felt disconnected.  We are in the “Flow”, the “Now” and the “Present”.  We feel not only connected to our heart but we have a strong spine as well.  There is a continuous flow between Discover, Transform and Awaken if we are on a path of growth.  There is ALWAYS more to discover, more to transform and continual points of awakening.  It is a cyclical process as we grow into fuller expressions of who we are.

What would that look like in your life?

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