Changing Perspectives – From Blame to Reclaim

Let’s talk about Blame…

“Something or someone else is responsible for my illness.”
“I’ve been bad and now I’m being punished for it – by my illness.”
“This illness is happening to me, why am I not better?  I’ve tried everything!”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself thinking or saying something along the blaming lines to yourself or another?

“I have bad genetics”
“I’m like this because my parents were before me”
“This is my lot in life and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Blame takes your power away and can make you a victim. Blame steals our power; it takes us outside ourselves and our experience.  Blame has us look to others for answers rather than feeling inside our self and our experience. It takes away the opportunity to truly feel our experience, to be in our body, and to listen to it. Sometimes we need outside help to begin the healing process through medications, therapy or some kind of medical treatment but the end result will always be in your hands. You have power. You have strength. And you have resilience. By allowing yourself to feel whatever is happening in your body, to be still with it, you may discover something new.  You may discover why it’s there and what the gift is that this dis-ease is offering to you.  You may even discover an internal source of strength, power and healing.

Perhaps you have placed unnecessary blame on yourself as the cause of this.  “If only I hadn’t ______ then this would never have happened”.  Perhaps the nature of this self judgement or self-shaming could be part of the disease process itself.  It is hard to be present and observe from a state of non-judgement.  To be present in our bodies and our life takes practice, focus and a degree of love. Let’s notice where and when we place blame on our self or others and come up with new options. The illness, the pain, is trying to get your attention for a reason – it’s telling you something needs change and to heal! 

Network Spinal Analysis is a great place to start! Heal your nervous system: heal your life!

-Kimberley Turner

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