Master E. with Dr. Donald Epstein

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted into and will be undertaking a intensive and exciting one year program – Master E with Dr. Donald Epstein! This program begins in October 2017 and is offered to a select group of NSA Chiropractors around the world. Truly an honour and privilege! I have been fortunate to study with Dr. Donald Epstein since being inspired to learn Network Spinal Analysis in 2003 and am thrilled that this is the next step.

This program will be offered both via distance learning as well as occasional long weekend programs in Colorado. This will mean that The Adjusting Room continues as usual, aside from the exciting changes that this will bring to your care, our office and ultimately how that offers growth in your life.

Some of you may not know how I started on the NSA path. I first heard about NSA in 1996 in Toronto while studying chiropractic at CMCC. While this approach was not taught at my school I was curious about this approach and decided to get adjusted or “entrained” by a chiropractor in the area. After a few adjustments or entrainments by this chiropractor (Dr. Tony Posa) I decided that NSA wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel any changes in my body and truthfully thought NSA was a little too “out there” or “wooo wooo” for me. Little did I know it would plant a seed that I would later delve in, explore and dedicate my practice life to this amazing, transformative approach.

I graduated from Chiropractic School in 1999 in Toronto and began my practice in Vancouver (Kitsilano to be exact) providing traditional manual chiropractic adjusting, which incidentally I loved. Cut to the chase and the right people showed up in my practice at the right time and I thought, perhaps, that NSA was worth exploring. Sure enough, it was worth exploring beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I became Part 3 Certified in NSA in December 2009 (the highest certification level provided in NSA) and haven’t looked back since. I continue to be amazed, inspired and moved by the changes that NSA can provide. Truly an approach to healing that enables a person to get out of the holds of the past and move forward, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. Myself included!

As you know, moving forward requires change and the next step in that change for me is the teaching offered in Master E. I am always looking to how best serve and this seems like the next step! Thank you in advance for being willing to walk this journey as well. Change can initially be awkward, clunky and uncomfortable but inevitably something new comes from the process. Thanks for your patience, your willingness and presence along the way. I’m excited about what’s in store.

Warmly and with gratitude,

Dr. Shannon Patterson
aka “Shannon”

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