Tony Robbins and Network Spinal Analysis Care

This last month has been a fantastic spring board for launching the global awareness of Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care and how it works by utilizing the amazing healing potential of our body’s to help us move through pain, suffering and so much more! Below is a snippet of a wonderful article written by Melanie Curtin for about Tony Robbins and his NSA Chiropractic Experiences:

Tony Robbins Says This Little-Known Therapy is One of the Most Powerful Sources of Transformation He Has Ever Experienced. It could rock your world both professionally and personally.

You may be aware of the fact that Tony Robbins is one of the leading personal growth experts in the world. Did you know he’s also a survivor of domestic violence? He’s open about that fact during his seminars; in fact, he uses it as a teaching tool. He’s also open about receiving a form of somatic therapy called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), which has helped him overcome both physical and emotional issues in his life (related to his childhood and beyond).

NSA was created by Dr. Donny Epstein in the 1980s. It’s deceptively simple yet profoundly effective. NSA practitioners lightly touch certain parts of your spine to release tension. By releasing that tension, energy is freed up, which the body uses to increase flexibility in your spine and, by extension, your nervous system. At its core, NSA is an elegant hack to help you reorganize your body and mind, making you more physically and mentally flexible and resilient. It’s like a software upgrade for humans…

With the ongoing research for NSA emphasizing and validating our innate potential for healing, we are very excited to share this knowledge and information with you and continue to serve you as you heal your body, mind and spirit!

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1 thought on “Tony Robbins and Network Spinal Analysis Care

  1. Really it’s a great article about Chiropractic care and it’s made me agree of about the aspects of chiropractic benefits. Now I also wanna take this luxury treatment of the body.

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