Levels of Care

What are the Levels of Care?

There exist 3 Levels of patient care. On any given day, exactly which level(s) are achieved will be clinically determined by evaluating the nervous system, the body’s subsystems and the complexity of the sensory-motor strategies utilized by your brain.

Basically, the level of care will be quantified based on your brain’s ability to release Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension (AMCT) and your brain’s development of increasingly complex sensory-motor strategies. In short, your body shows the doctor what it is you will be working on during your entrainment/adjustment.

Level 1: Discover

Level 1’s objective is the discovery, development and awareness of the Respiratory Wave. This is where your body establishes safety and security within itself. As the Respiratory Wave strengthens, it will assist your body in releasing stored energy and tension creating more ease. (Stored energy and tension is anything that you were unable to express at the time regardless of the circumstances.) At your body’s own pace, you will begin releasing old defensive tension ‘holding’ patterns allowing your spine to move in rhythm with the breath.

With each visit there are progressive benefits from the wave. There is more tension released from spinal structures, postural improvement, a calming of the body/mind, deeper awareness of the self, and overall improvement of health and wellness. This isn’t a linear progression though, at any time you experience greater periods of stress or trauma (car accident, child birth, concussion, divorce…) your body may need to go back into Level 1, regaining that sense of safety and security, so your nervous system can begin to heal you more effectively.

Level 2: Transform

Level 2 is where the transformation work happens. The Respiratory Wave characteristics are deeper and penetrate a greater depth of spinal structures and nerves. This helps process chronic and core holding patterns in the body and mind. Individuals report a change in how they respond to stress: instead of looking to release it they are more inclined to use it as fuel to transform perspectives, behavior and how they structure their lives. Typically, the changes reported are in health (physical healing), wellness (mental/emotional healing), and core life issues such as finances, relationships, career and life enjoyment. During this time you may experience retracing of physical, chemical and emotional stresses as your nervous system integrates its new level of integrity.

You will also begin to experience the Somatopsychic Wave, spontaneous muscular motions as your body starts to make its own corrections. The Somatopsychic Wave happens without conscious thought, yet presents a strategy for energetic self-regulation. As the wave becomes more refined, the vertebrae begin moving more independently, producing the sensation of energy rippling up and down the spine. Old patterns of tension fade and patients commonly note a willingness to make conscious behavioral changes and choices about the way they want to live as they become aware of the effects life has on their body. As you progress through care this strategy refines to smooth coordinated responses. Your body will begin to adapt better  and work through current physical, emotional and chemical stresses easier and with more resources to draw from.

Level 3: Integrate

In Level 3, the body integrates a more refined strategy to retrieve and reorganize energy for transformation and evolution — a process that leads with the heart rather than the mind. The body/mind awareness and the nervous systems increasingly active ability to self-correct begins to focus breath (Respiratory Wave) and energy (Somatopsychic Wave) into the chest and heart, establishing greater spinal alignment. The depth of the Somatopsychic Wave moves beyond the spine and into the tissues immediately in front and along its side. Most notably there is a synchronization of the heart wave with the spinal wave. This often creates the experience of bliss, gratitude and joy. A person often reports feeling alive, present and unencumbered. Typically, choices are based on the excitement of change and progress rather than stress. With the body/mind no longer experiencing the world or itself through chronic distortions, known as defense physiology, your awareness expands; awakening your heart center to a deepening self knowledge and expanding your ability to compassionately and freely experience the world.

In conclusion

Each level is associated with an increasing ability of the nervous system to optimize strategies for better organization and self-healing. Our ability to handle stress is increased, enabling us to handle tension in a more constructive and healthier manner. (Remembering that tension holding patterns are what throws your spine and thus the rest of your body out of alignment in the first place) This can significantly impact individual mental/ emotional growth and promotes optimum physical health and performance. Individuals stay healthier, recover from stress and injury faster, and experience greater body/mind peace.

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