Reorganizational Healing

At the forefront of new healing consciousness is the paradigm of Reorganizational Healing (ROH) versus the very prevalent Restorative Therapeutic (RT) model.

Whereas restorative therapeutics is very powerful in life threatening situations and medical emergency’s, it does little to support growing into a new level of awareness, accessing internal wisdom and empowering a healing process that often looks chaotic.

Culturally we have relied upon RT for almost all conditions, illnesses, and traumas and that has purposefully kept the body-mind-spirit connection polarized instead of celebrated and integral.

Even individuals who appear to have a high level of aware consciousness revert to a mechanistic body model when confronted with challenging physical conditions because of the cultural indoctrination of RT.

What is Reorganizational Healing?
Reorganizational Healing is the body-mind-spirit in action.  It recognizes that at the foundation of healing is an inner wisdom just waiting to be listened to!  It also recognizes that true healing is inherent within each one of us and the very energy that has wounded us whether physical or emotional in nature is the energy that liberates us.

Reorganizational Healing embraces wholeness as a value and sees having access to inner resources as imperative for further growth and evolution.


“Reorganizational Healing gives people the tools to create a map to self-assess and draw on strengths to create sustainable change.” Dr. Donald Epstein, Developer of NSA

“One aspect of ROH, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), uses electromyographic measurements of the central nervous system (CNS) to determine the organization and synchronization of electrical signals across the entire spine–whereas in neurological disorders there is a lack of synchronization of these signals. However, with healing, the innate ability of the CNS to reorganize is harnessed so that the signals become less random and more predictable which is indicative of greater organization of the circuitry. From this point of view, it is fair to assert that Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) provides some sort of ‘reorganization healing.” –Professor Edmond Jonckheere, PhD, from the University of Southern California

“There can be no doubt that we are witnessing the birth of a powerful method of healing, grounded in rigorous scientific fact, that will become integral to future systems of healthcare.” -Dr. Kim A. Jobst, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

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