Kimberley Turner

Under the repetitive stress and strain of competitive sports, dance and injuries, Kimberley entered her twenties with severely compressed vertebrae in her lower back causing her spine to begin collapsing sideways. This introduced her to years of treatments, all of which could only maintain her current state with a “you can’t do that anymore” and “let’s hope you don’t get worse” attitude. Then she stumbled across Network Spinal Analysis- a way to heal your entire nervous system. At first this approach seemed unusual, but the obvious physical benefits kept her coming back; and coming back so often that she’s the first face you will see when you walk in the front door!

Kimberley believes Network Spinal Analysis can assist your physical healing, your emotional processing, and your mental clarity. Over the years Kimberley has witnessed first hand the life altering changes people go through as they are no longer stopped by pain, restriction, fear or anything else that has previously hindered them from living their best lives. Aside from Kimberley’s integral role in running the front office, she hosts weekly Beyond Yoga classes here at The Adjusting Room, Movement Workshops and Private Yoga Appointments. The sky is the limit when it comes to your capacity to heal yourself and Kimberley looks forward to seeing you in any and all of these capacities to help you reach your health goals.

Private Yoga Appointments (Yoga Healing)

When you’re hurting, feeling stuck or finding mobility difficult, take the opportunity to schedule a private yoga appointment. This is a great way to receive focused attention and have the support you need to deepen the healing of your spine, nervous system and bring your whole self back into balance. Yoga healing is based on your unique goals, needs and current capabilities: healing your body, mind, spirit and emotions through movement, meditation and breath.

Yoga Healing is by appointment only outside regular office hours; email to arrange a time that works best for you.

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