Kimberley Turner

Kimberley had severely compressed vertebrae in her lower back causing her spine to begin collapsing sideways. This introduced her to years of treatments, all of which could only maintain her current state with a ‘let’s hope you don’t get worse’ attitude. Then she stumbled across Network Spinal Analysis– a way to heal your entire nervous system. At first this approach seemed unusual, but the obvious physical benefits kept her coming back; and coming back so often that she’s gone from Chiropractic Assistant, to Office Manager to full on Brain Coach!

Kimberley believes Network Spinal Analysis can assist your physical healing, your emotional processing, and your mental clarity. Over the years Kimberley has helped people work through and process their stress, their challenges, and listen to their stories. Aside from Kimberley’s integral role running the front office, she is part of the Wellness portion here at The Adjusting Room. Kimberley is involved in facilitating workshops, teaching rehabilitative movement and yoga classes, assisting with the chiropractic exam process and also hands on Body-Based Brain Coaching – a new and innovative approach to brain health through the body. The sky is the limit when it comes to your capacity to heal yourself and Kimberley looks forward to seeing you in any and all of these capacities to help you reach your best health.