Wellness Services

We are dedicated to helping you heal, grow and live the life you always wanted to; your health is about more than being free from pain. Imagine experiencing physical vitality, emotional freedom, mental flexibility and a capacity to adapt to life’s many challenges.

When life becomes busy, chaotic and stressful, self-care is usually the first to go. At The Adjusting Room, we provide options for everyone to have improved health.

Drop-In Yoga Classes

Arrive 10mins before any class start time to do a drop-in class. All drop-ins are $20 (cash only)

Preregistered Yoga Series

Preregistering for a Yoga Series allows you to commit to a specific class day and time at a reduced rate, with the confidence that you will build on what you learned in previous weeks.

Private Yoga Appointments (Yoga Healing)

When you’re hurting, feeling stuck or finding mobility difficult, schedule a private yoga appointment. Yoga healing is the opportunity to work with your body, mind and emotions in a safe and supportive environment to release tension holding patterns and gain a deeper understanding of yourself; in turn, creating greater ease in your life.


We offer a wide array of workshops here at The Adjusting Room – hosted in house or by outside sources. Some of the topics that have been covered are Chiropractic, Movement and the Spine, Fascia Release, Diet and the Brain, Group Therapy and even Sound Healing! Our calendar is always up to date with our latest workshops. You can click on the events inside the calendar to see the details.

Body-Based Brain Balancing

Movement feeds the brain, regardless of your age, neurological development, or physical capability. Body-Based Brain Balancing is an innovative approach to brain health through the body, improving timing and synchronization in the brain for healthier neurological function, cognition and coordination. Whether you are looking to optimize your already healthy brain, heal brain injury caused by Concussion or Stroke or looking for natural approaches to managing neurobehavioral disorders, we can help!

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