Body-Based Brain Balancing

With the rise in neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, the increased awareness of head injury and our aging population, Dr. Shannon felt a huge pull to provide a natural holistic approach to overall brain health and function. Enter Functional Neurology, a brain first approach to chiropractic care – this natural, non-pharmaceutical approach to brain health is the basis of Dr. Shannon’s Body-Based Brain Balancing Program to help aid everyone and their neurological needs. Like any other parts of our body, the brain can be damaged… it can also be healed. Neuroplasticity states the brain is flexible and capable of change. Whether you are looking to optimize your already healthy brain or looking for natural approaches to managing neurobehavioral disorders, we can help!

Why would you need Body-Based Brain Balancing?

Your brain controls absolutely everything! Your brain controls your peripheral nervous system, all your organs and your glands, your muscles and your joints, the ease with which you move, the way you hold yourself through your posture, your hormones and even your immune system. So when your brain becomes ill (even if you don’t feel “brain” symptoms) or out of sync, your body will get sick. It starts by giving you non-specific problems, like fatigue, tensions, sleep issues, lack of coordination, pain and loss of vital energy, and finally, as your organs and glands are affected, physical symptoms that your medical doctor might now diagnose as disease. These diagnoses can look like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia or O.C.D. They can also be a result of specific brain trauma caused by concussions, stroke or even Parkinson’s.

This happens because the problem is not always in your body; it’s in your brain.

Body-Based Brain Balancing is the latest in specific diagnosis and treatment of pain syndromes, sleep and fatigue, cognition and behavior problems, balance disorders and stroke recovery. Body-Based Brain Balancing works complementary with NSA Chiropractic Care to put the brain back in charge. This will impact  a host of chronic conditions including Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD,  Insomnia, Dizziness, Concussions and brain impairment from MS or Stroke. We will access the underlying root causes of your health issues that find their origins in your brain … without forgetting your body.

Body-Based Brain Balancing: Exam & Coaching

We believe that one size does not fit all. We conduct extensive testing to determine what approach to Brain Care best suits yours or your child’s needs, desires and goals for better health. Some of the testing is neurological, physical or dietary in nature and some of the testing tools we use are Interactive MetronomeTest of Variables of Attention and CNS Vital Signs. Depending on your results and what your neurological health goals are, we will then proceed Body-Based Brain Balancing with a combination of NSA Chiropractic Care and Brain Coaching using specially designed physical movements to enhance your unique brain synchronization and communication needs combined with the help of Interactive Metronome.

Because our body and brain are intimately connected and directly impact one another – brain health involves our whole body – thus Body-Based Brain Balancing will involve moving your whole body in various ways to activate the parts of your brain that need stimulation. Movement feeds the brain, regardless of your age, neurological development, or physical capability. Movement feeds the brain, heals the brain and helps the brain grow – especially movement through the spine, and that is also why Body-Based Brain Balancing is combined with NSA Chiropractic Care.

Body-Based Brain Balancing: The Secret to Eternal Youth

Your brain health is important throughout your life. With the rise of neuroscience and epigenetic research, we now know that the brain is constantly learning and evolving from birth to death. Age is no longer a scape goat, how much you move, how much you experience life, and how much you challenge your own growth and perceptions will improve your health over the long haul. Whether you are suffering from a neurological disorder or a competitive athlete – brain timing and synchronization is essential to the optimal functioning of your brain and entire nervous system. Here at The Adjusting Room you can enter our Body-Based Brain Balancing Program through three different avenues:

  1. Schedule a complete Brain Care Exam
    (best for neurological disorders, ADHD, Autism/ more severe brain complications.)
  2. Complete an Interactive Metronome Assessment
    (minor concussion recovery, coordination/cognition improvement, people who are curious about their brain health or may not have any obvious or critical symptoms.)
  3. Brain Balancing Yoga Classes
    (weekly drop-in movement classes designed to challenge the brain improving neurological function and overall brain-body connection and health.)

Contact us with any questions and to schedule one of the above options: 604-521-9531 or

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