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Listen to your body whisper so you won’t have to hear it scream.

Discover NetworkSpinal

NetworkSpinal (or NSA) is a revolutionary approach in healing. This method reconnects the brain and body to its natural self regulating state. The brain becomes aware, with ever increasing levels of depth, expansion and subtlety, of how physical, emotional and mental stress is held in the body.  With this awareness you will develop the skill of self regulating that tension — in essence releasing that from within.  Even better – what if your body could take that tension and use it as fuel for your  healing!   As your spine improves – your life improves

Chiropractic, With a Twist

My NetworkSpinal Background

Dr. Shannon Patterson has studied NetworkSpinal (formerly Network Spinal Analysis) with her mentor, Dr. Donald Epstein, for 2 decades and continues to be inspired at what changes this work has brought not only to her life but to the lives of the people she has had the privilege to serve over the past 22 years in practice.

Part 1, 2, and 3 Certified in NetworkSpinal

MasterE student for several years


The Network Wave

This chiropractic approach focusses on patterns of stress in the spine and nervous system and how they are reflected in the body. With precise and specific spinal contacts a unique Network Spinal wave develops.

This wave enhances self awareness and “teaches” the body to unwind these tension patterns and learn new strategies for healing. This wave has been studied at about a dozen universities and it has been shown to enhance healing and wellness.



Coherence is really the latest buzz word in health and healing. It is that profound sense of beingness – or a unified whole with several systems working together to sing the same song… on the same page.

As care progresses in Network increased levels of energy efficiency and coherence are reported – both from the person’s subjective experience as well as from objective measures.

Self reflective questionnaires, HeartRate Variability measures and posture scans are a few of the things we use to check in to see how you are doing, how you are improving and how it is impacting not only the structure of your body but your behaviours and perceptions as well.


The shape, tone and tension of your spine are connected to the shape, tone and tension of your life.

Donny Epstein

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

Arundhati Roy

IS today that day?

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