Spinal Waves Research

What is the Network Spinal Analysis Wave?

The network wave, is a response in the spine that develops over time with network care, and suggests it is evidence of central pattern generator (CPG) behavior.  What is CPG?  It is a neural network that can produce rhythmic patterned output without rhythmic sensory or central input.  Basically, a response generated at the spinal level that does not require the brain.  This is a very exciting and potentially ground breaking finding.   One paraplegic patient was able to sustain this network wave despite the presence of a C5 (lower neck) burst fracture.   What are you looking for?

Spine Waves are involuntary, neurological phenomena that occur along the spine and surrounding tissues. They are the main distinguishing features of Network Spinal Care – as compared to other therapies.

Waves are initiated and enhanced through gentle manual contacts administered along the spine. This wave phenomenon has been researched and studied extensively. Research suggests they cannot be produced by any external device, movement or meditative state; they are purely a spinal phenomenon responding to the network care protocol.

The waves have a progressive therapeutic benefit to them. It has been reported that the more frequent a person experiences a spinal wave, the greater they experience improvement to overall health and quality of life. It has been proposed that network spinal waves have a “central-neurological” benefit. Depending on the level of care, the waves have a broad range of effects allowing your nervous system to heal itself. They are a natural healing response developed by the body, for the body.

Specifically the spinal waves are known as the Respiratory and Somatopsychic Waves. The Respiratory Wave is characterized by a full and profound natural rhythmic breathing that begins at the base of the spine, progresses upward between the shoulder blades, around the shoulders, and into the neck. It naturally gently rocks the vertebra “melting” tension and enhancing correction of vertebral misalignment’s. The Somatopsychic Wave (soma for body, psyche for mind or spirit) is associated with muscular contraction that pulsates and organizes various spinal segments into a fluid wave-like undulation of coordinated motion, indicating that the body and mind are connecting fully. These waves have been shown to assist in the self-regulation of tension and energy within the body’s matrix of nerve, bone and connective tissue. They move energy that has become “stuck,” letting the body revitalize and self-correct distortions in alignment and posture.

We will have to wait to see where Network Spinal Analysis will lead us in the future, but for now, click here to see what Tony Robbins has to say about Network Spinal Analysis Care.