More than Movement!

“I talk with my students regularly about how the emotional, energetic, physical and mental all work interconnected within us. One informs the other always. Yoga and physical movement is a way to prepare the body to maintain higher energetic states of being. It doesn’t have to involve sun salutations or head stands, although it can. The important thing is that you are listening to your OWN body, your unique needs and areas of tension and release to grow in the way that is best for you. I teach awareness of the self through the body. It’s not Westernized yoga, its not about exercise; its about empowerment, awareness and becoming one with yourself wherever you are at, however you feel – because only in that full acceptance of where you are, can change then be created. We all have the tools for healing within us, sometimes we just need help in learning how to tune in.”

-Kimberley Turner

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