Yoga Schedule

All classes and workshops here at The Adjusting Room are open to the public.

Arrive 10mins before any class to drop-in ($20) or click here to register for a series or workshop.

Beyond Yoga
The balance of strength and flexibility within: Heal and release tension holding patterns through Hatha yoga asana, myofascial release, joint mobilization, breath, community and meditation. Feel refreshed, connected, and aware of your body like never before! Small class size and beginner friendly too!
Strength Training
Move your body in whole new ways in this beginner/ intermediate level class, focused on functional movement and strengthening through body weight exercises. What is functional movement? It’s increasing your stability, mobility, and deep core strength in ways that relate to improving your daily life, activating stabilizer muscles and improving your posture and overall muscle tone in a sustainable way. Small class size allows individualized attention to work the areas you want most.

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