What are we about?


“The Shape, tone and tension of your spine determine the shape, tone and tension of your life.”  Dr. Donny Epstein

Discover a radically different approach to spinal care that not only changes how you move within your body but also how you move in all aspects of your life.


Dr. Patterson is an intuitive, gifted healer with a beautiful, caring nature and a wonderful sense of humour. It’s easy to relax and feel calm in her presence, which is the perfect way to start a treatment session. She has helped release a lot of tension in my upper back, hips and shoulders and always provides a safe, nurturing environment for physical and emotional healing to take place. I am grateful for the amazing difference in my life since I started seeing her.

Andrea S.

I sincerely wish to thank Shannon from my heart for all her gentle compassionate care in all her sessions since I started network spinal analysis. My neck, back and hip areas were out of alignment and I was moving around in pain. After 7 months of doing NSA I am walking with comfort. I feel more energetic, my breathing is better. I feel that my mind, body & spirit is in better alignment which is giving me overall strength.

Gabriella P.